Fakulteta za kmetijstvo in biosistemske vede

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences


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Research equipment


University Agricultural Center (UKC)

The faculty is located in the most agriculture-intensive part of eastern Slovenia. It has an experimental estate called University Agricultural Center, where researchers can plan and perform experiments. Equipment as well as technical help is available for maintanance of experiments at the experimental site. 

The experimental site comprises:

  • 55 ha of orchards (apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches), 
  • 18 ha of vineyards (Meranovo region)
  • 60 ha of crop-fields
  • 22 ha of pastures
  • 240 ha of forests
  • 8 ha of Botanical garden
  • Test premises for paultry and pig breeding



The microbiological/biochemical laboratory is equipped with laminar flow cabinets and incubators which allow the growth and selection of microorganisms. For analysis, microtiter plate readers (absorbance, fluorescence, chemoluminescence) and a complete range of instruments for DNA analysis (PCR, RT-PCR, electrophoresis, blotting, imager) is available. The staff has experience particularly in the field of food pathogens and lactic acid bacteria. Next generation DNA sequencing equipment is accesible for use through the University.

The cell culture laboratory has instruments for in vitro cell culture maintanance, with CO2 incubators, microscopes and -70°C freezers. A flow cytometer is accesible for use through the University.

The chemical laboratory has the equipment needed for the characterization of soil, fruit and vegetable samples prepared in field experiments. It has HPLC systems, an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (ETAAS), a Kjeldahl and a Soxhlet among other analytical systems.

The laboratory for botany and plant physiology is equipped with a computer supported fluorescence microscope and stereomicroscope, a HPLC system, a laminar air flow cabinet and ecophysiological sensors (TDP sap flow sensors, piranometer, quantum sensors, humidity sensors…) supported with dataloggers.  

The laboratory for plant tissue culture is equipped with a laminar air flow cabinet, a microscope and growth chambers. It also includes a separate room for acclimatization of in vitro plantlets.   


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